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Product: Aqualyx®
Manufacturer: Marllor Biomedical
Packaging Size: 10 x 8 ml
Packaging Type: Vial
Applicable by injection by a certified professional

Aqualyx® is an injectable solution which liquefies fat cells. It can be used in the face and body to great effect. 

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Aqualyx is an injectable fat loss treatment. It is a gel-based solution, derived from cholanic acid, which is produced by our bile duct to help up break down fats. It can be used in the face and body to great effect.  For small areas such as the jowls and chin, just one session can dramatically reduce fat deposits and return a more youthful and defined facial contour. For larger areas like tummies, bingo wings, and bums you may need up to 5 sessions to see dramatic results.

Aqualyx Injections 

When injected into the body, Aqualyx can reduce the appearance of fat to give a smoother, more contoured appearance. While a person will see changes after one treatment, they’ll usually require more than one treatment session to see maximum results.

It is licensed for use in the UK for localized or spot removal of fat from areas such as the chin, knees, hips, thighs, or under the buttocks and is generally regarded as safe. It is not a weight loss solution and is suitable for smaller, stubborn pockets of fat, not large area fat reduction.

Possible side effects of Aqualyx

Aqualyx isn’t without its side effects.  Examples include:

  • bruising
  • redness
  • skin irritation
  • swelling

A rarer side effect is scarring, which has been reported but isn’t known to occur with any regularity.

It’s also possible you could have an allergic reaction to one or more of the substances present in Aqualyx.

Who does Aqualyx

Aqualyx is intended for those who have good skin elasticity. This is usually (but not always) people 18 to 60 years old. Otherwise, the treatment could cause the skin to appear saggy after injections.

How does Aqualyx work

Aqualyx is an injectable solution which liquefies fat cells, destroying them for good. The lipids are then released and eliminated naturally by the lymphatic system. Quick, convenient, and minimally invasive, The acids present in Aqualyx cause fat destruction in the body. Plastic surgeons use Aqualyx for body contouring. They may inject it into different areas of the body, such as the:

  • back
  • chin
  • hips
  • knees
  • stomach
  • thighs

How long does Aqualyx last

The results of an AQUALYX treatment are permanent under the condition of maintaining a constant weight measurement (i.e. assuming you don`t gain weight). Once the freed fatty acids have been processed through the body’s lymphatic system, they don’t reappear.

However, the procedure is only permanent if you follow a healthy diet and exercise frequently following treatment. If you regain weight, it is likely that the fat pockets will reappear. If a healthy lifestyle is maintained, the results should be permanent.

Before and after use

After using Kybella, patients report greater improvement in self-perception, feeling happier and looking younger based on their chin profile.

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  1. Margo Sevyn

    I have a few dozens of patients that loved this product for fat loss. Very happy with the quality. The result is pleasing to my patients.

  2. Bailee Jianna

    Aqualyx is a completely safe and effective product. Always visible result. Patients are satisfied. Thanks for the advice and quality delivery.

  3. Jayleen Lorelai

    The parcel arrived on time, there were no delays or other problems with shipping. I am satisfied with my first experience with this company and plan to order more in the future. Recommend!!!.

  4. Dr. Imani

    Always buy Aqualyx here, the best place to order products for my clinic. Can 100% recommend it!

  5. Ida Eilidh

    The first experience with this service was successful. She ordered a test order and received it in 8 days. Service has been incredible, but the package took too long to reach me. Wait for new orders!

  6. Harlow Alessandra

    This company is superb!!!! I ordered my products on a Tuesday morning and they arrived early on Friday morning. As my products shipped, I got updated emails every day where my order was and the time it would arrive, then a notification it had arrived. I would continue to use Olive Beauty Shop in the near future.

  7. Dr. Patel

    I have been very happy with OliveBeautyShop, you are always very helpful and I receive all shipments in a timely manner.”

  8. Dr. Cindy

    I appreciate your customer service.

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  10. Dr David

    I am very happy with the service i receive from OliveBeautyShop i would recommend this site to all licensed doctors like myself.

  11. Sienna Florence

    Was really skeptical about this purchase, Thank you for the good quality of the product and for the fast delivery of the product. 5 stars for sure

  12. Diego Fabian

    I’ve been in medical esthetics for 20 years. Aqualyx is what we recommend to our patients. It is affordable, The effect is beyond my imagination. Stop spending $$$$ for stuff that doesn’t work and buy this.

  13. Remi Genevieve

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  14. Lilly Orla

    Amazing, and not too much impress me. Nor do I write many reviews. This stuff healed my skin I’m a lifetime customer for sure

  15. Paisley Claire

    Everything good just delayed delivery.

  16. Bonnie Ellie Violet

    Greatest appreciation to you and your team for the outstanding help you did for us. This product is just what we wanted, and we were thrilled with the speed your team exercised.

  17. Brinley Demi

    Works better than any other product I know for fats removal

  18. Reign Bristol

    I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I can’t say enough good things about this product. I was fortunate to stumble upon it when I started researching. I was skeptical but thought it was worth giving it a shot based on the price. I was blown away by how quickly I saw results

  19. Dane Davis Rogers

    I bought this for my wife and she loves it

  20. Gwendolyn Octavia Dahlia

    I was skeptical but this product worked for me, I can definitely see a change in my abdominal region. I often worry about having a small belly.

  21. Gracelynn Elle Keira

    oh Finally I waited for ages for Aqualyx to appear on this site

  22. Maisie Oakley

    The effect is beyond my imagination. Three days later, I found that my legs were thinner than before.So far so good.

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